Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maurice "Mo" Adams - USA

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I attended Summit School as a 4 week student learning strictly repairs in March of 2003. I had some basic repair experience previously but little woodworking experience. I feel that my time at Summit School was time well spent and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I learned quite a bit about repair in that short period of time, learned some basic wood working skills, and even picked up guitar building tips from the other students as they worked on longer programs. It was a great atmosphere for learning and a wonderful place to enjoy things outside of school, such as hiking, hearing live music, and meeting friendly people.

UPDATE: (June 2005) I am now running a successful part time repair business in Pasadena, CA a suburb of Los Angeles. My shop is in the garage behind my house, and is now a fully functional repair facility. I am doing repair work for some of the local music stores and also direct by appointment. The bulk of the work I do is setups, fret dressing, refrets, acoustic bridges and saddles, and lots of electronics. With the power tools I now have in the shop I have also gotten into woodworking more heavily, and recently built my first speaker cabinet for my guitar rig. I have been doing some repair work for the pop enterrtainer Chris Isaak. I also teach guitar and play regular gigs in the LA area.
Update:(October 2009)
Since attending Summit School for training on guitar repair I worked directly at a local music store in their guitar department for 2 years doing all of their repairs, and started my own repair shop. After two years I left that store and concentrated on running my repair shop, getting business directly and also freelancing at many of the music stores in the Pasaden/San Gabriel Valley area. I also have concentrated on working with guitar teachers in the area to give them someone to refer their students to for reasonably priced repair work. I have also taken on personal side projects outside of guitar repair including building a classical guitar, and tube guitar amp and speaker cabinet building.

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