Sunday, October 18, 2009

Atsushi Takano - Japan

I had built 7 guitars in summit. I had much experience in the school not only about guitar building and repair but also cultural experience. I had good time in the student's house, and of course in the bar in Qualicum.

Discussing about new ideas of guitar building with friends, playing songs with friends, all memories in the school are pleasure in my life. Spending time in Summit would be good experience in your life and it will make your life better.

I still miss the school and people in the Island.

After I left the school, I tried to have my own shop, and my parents really helped me to have my nice shop.

I have been doing repair work in my shop for a vintage guitar shop named Accogi-kichi (It could be the biggest individual guitar shop in Japan) for about 4 years.

I have started building guitars for my customers since 2006, and I have built acoustic guitars, classical guitars, Selmer style guitars, and electric guitars.

I have build an acoustic guitar for Japanese very famous musician too.

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