Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Adrian sanchez

Since Adrian was a student here at Summit he has gone on to Tech:
Some of the bands he has worked for in no particular order:
Primus, The Fray, Jack's Mannequin, Hole, All American Rejects, etc.

Adrian recently dropped by the school and spent the day with the students talking about his experiences...

Galen Morrison ll

Hello Summit,
It has been five golden years since I have attended and I really need to get to Sweden to do my internship this summer. Please contact me as I am so proud to have been a part of the best guitar building and repairing school in the world. Thank you  for all of your unconditional support while I attended and keep on being the best. I saw a man that attended twice with his guitars and they were awesome. There are more rings around the tree of my life and it would be so cool to come back and do more business in the upmost proper manner.
Thank you,
Galen Morrison II

Stinni -Former student from Iceland

Hello there!!!!!
How are you guy's today? Happy new year! what's new from the island of
my dreams? I miss you guys soooo much that I've decided to visit the
Island next summer. So if you dont mind having a blond dirty Icelander
for a visit and a cup of tea ,I would love to come to see you guys.
I've finally started building again, finally got some tools and
getting to use my dads facility a bit when the machines are getting to
loud here at home ;) And I'm going to an interview with this music
store to get some repairs from it so hopefully I can start making some
cash for the Canada trip next summer. I also started to read about
electronics and allready fixed guitar amps and started making guitar
effects so Im getting really excited again about building things.

Here is the same economic status,,, so it's really expencive to get
parts and tools but I just smile and the world smiles back so this
will get better and better and then little worse and then much better
Anyways, hope to hear how you are doing and get some stories about the
Island life.
big Stinnihugs and kisses and cant wait to see you guys, that is if
you'll have me :)
love love

Iacopo Nesi - Former student from Italy

Dear all,

I hope this finds you all well.
My new web site is finally online. Please come and visit... and feel
free to drop me a line.
With some of you I haven't been in touch for some time, just check out
what I have been busy doing!
All the best,


Wes Lambe

Hey Guys,

This is former student Wes Lambe from 2001. (10 years!?...) Hope everyone is doing well!! I have been really busy for a few years with just me in the shop, but things are really starting to take off for me here in North Carolina. I am looking for either an employee, or better yet an intern looking for work experience. (The details still need to be worked out, but it could be good for everyone.) I need someone who is skilled at repair but also wouldn’t mind spending time on the more tedious tasks. (sanding....) I am not sure I could offer a totally full time position for now, so in terms of employment, I am really looking for someone who is relatively close by. (Middle of East coast US...)

Let me know if you have or have had any (motivated) students who are from near this area that need a job. Or, if you have any students that would be interested in an internship in a really busy repair/custom shop. Work experience in Sweden, Japan, or Beautiful North Carolina!! (the sunny south!!.......)

If you have questions, or have the perfect person in mind, I can be reached through my contact info below.

Tell Sigmund and Mike hello for me!!


Wes Lambe Guitars
Shop# (919)932-9729

Daniel Piquet

hello there lorraine and everyone on the staff !

its been almost ten years now since i attended summit and my flight home was scheduled for 9/11/2001.
after the fact you made it possible for me to return to school until i was finally ready to return home, a gesture that was much appreciated.

today i heard that bin laden had been caught, not that i am all excited after all this time but still, this guy or whoever was behind the attacks on september 11th did influence my life as he did many others lives!

ten years on i am in a good place, health issues that took a great deal of time to resolve are finally becoming less of a hindrance.
i work part time and this very week i am going to start some guitar necks, one wil be used for the les paul i started back at summit, but never got to
i hoped to get the damn thing finished before that, but it was not to be.
but i am nothing if not stubborn, so i held onto this goal and now the time has finally come !

heres hoping that you all are well and most of all healthy as you grow into middle age,

with best regards from zurich d a n i e l

Mike Falco

Good news! I got a job here in Syracuse as a tech at the guitar center.

Mike Falco

Here's a link to my micro-site for the repair shop at the Hollywood guitar center.
Hope all is well.

Jeff...From Ottawa

Hey Mike, I just wanted to show you a few of my products since I finished the program at summit school. Hope you enjoy!

Jeff.. From Ottawa



Jacques Brisson

Hello ..i would like to share pictures from my first guitar I have built since my building course
I would like to thanks , all the instructors , to help me to achieve one of my dreams
Hello everybody ..one year since i left your school..time fly so fast . Just to let you know my part time business is going very well , i had to fix and adjust 48 guitars for that period ,not to bad .. so it worth the investment . Now my goal is to going back to school sometimes in 2012 for building .
.. People around , start to know about me , and i am taking care about my reputation, so ..future is looking good for my retirement ..
Thank you Mike
Best regards
Jacques Brisson
Mcwatters qué