Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wes Lambe

Hey Guys,

This is former student Wes Lambe from 2001. (10 years!?...) Hope everyone is doing well!! I have been really busy for a few years with just me in the shop, but things are really starting to take off for me here in North Carolina. I am looking for either an employee, or better yet an intern looking for work experience. (The details still need to be worked out, but it could be good for everyone.) I need someone who is skilled at repair but also wouldn’t mind spending time on the more tedious tasks. (sanding....) I am not sure I could offer a totally full time position for now, so in terms of employment, I am really looking for someone who is relatively close by. (Middle of East coast US...)

Let me know if you have or have had any (motivated) students who are from near this area that need a job. Or, if you have any students that would be interested in an internship in a really busy repair/custom shop. Work experience in Sweden, Japan, or Beautiful North Carolina!! (the sunny south!!.......)

If you have questions, or have the perfect person in mind, I can be reached through my contact info below.

Tell Sigmund and Mike hello for me!!


Wes Lambe Guitars
Shop# (919)932-9729

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