Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daniel Piquet

hello there lorraine and everyone on the staff !

its been almost ten years now since i attended summit and my flight home was scheduled for 9/11/2001.
after the fact you made it possible for me to return to school until i was finally ready to return home, a gesture that was much appreciated.

today i heard that bin laden had been caught, not that i am all excited after all this time but still, this guy or whoever was behind the attacks on september 11th did influence my life as he did many others lives!

ten years on i am in a good place, health issues that took a great deal of time to resolve are finally becoming less of a hindrance.
i work part time and this very week i am going to start some guitar necks, one wil be used for the les paul i started back at summit, but never got to
i hoped to get the damn thing finished before that, but it was not to be.
but i am nothing if not stubborn, so i held onto this goal and now the time has finally come !

heres hoping that you all are well and most of all healthy as you grow into middle age,

with best regards from zurich d a n i e l

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