Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stinni -Former student from Iceland

Hello there!!!!!
How are you guy's today? Happy new year! what's new from the island of
my dreams? I miss you guys soooo much that I've decided to visit the
Island next summer. So if you dont mind having a blond dirty Icelander
for a visit and a cup of tea ,I would love to come to see you guys.
I've finally started building again, finally got some tools and
getting to use my dads facility a bit when the machines are getting to
loud here at home ;) And I'm going to an interview with this music
store to get some repairs from it so hopefully I can start making some
cash for the Canada trip next summer. I also started to read about
electronics and allready fixed guitar amps and started making guitar
effects so Im getting really excited again about building things.

Here is the same economic status,,, so it's really expencive to get
parts and tools but I just smile and the world smiles back so this
will get better and better and then little worse and then much better
Anyways, hope to hear how you are doing and get some stories about the
Island life.
big Stinnihugs and kisses and cant wait to see you guys, that is if
you'll have me :)
love love

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