Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maurice Adams

I attended Summit School in the spring of 2003 for the repair course they
offered. In my short time there I learned a wealth of great information and
technique, not only from the instructors but also the other students who
were building guitars all around me. The school offered a very supportive
atmosphere to learn, a comfortable facility, and the opportunity to make good friends.

Attending Summit was exactly what I needed to get the jump start to understanding
the most common and useful guitar repairs, and more importantly how to approach
learning new techniques or deal with issues that could come up when I was
on my own afterwards.
When I got back home I was able to start doing repairs for a local music
store at first and then eventually opened up my own shop. I have successfully run the shop now
for 10 years as a part-time business venture, and also explore guitar and tube amp building projects on the side as time allows. I encourage anyone interested in pursuing guitar repair and building as a hobby or full time profession to spend time on the "island" at Summit School.



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