Saturday, January 30, 2010

Willy Webb - Graduated One Year Master Program in 2009

Summit school can certanly fullfill your dream in guitar building whether you want to just learn repairs or build your dream instrument. The one years master course took me through the process from drafting on paper to building. The quality of your workmanship is spot on as the school makes sure you go through the process in a orderly fashion and wont let you settle for second best. Arlen as a instructor has the keen eye in building and see's that you do things right, if you get yourself into a bind he always gives you the right direction. Sigmond manages the shop and the finishing, he gives the instructions to make the final product worth while. Mike takes you under his wing and is willing to go the extra mile. Debbie and Lorraine are the support staff for the school working in the background almost unnoticed, but not by me. I am now working out of my own shop in Sooke here on the Island doing repairs and building.(

August 2013:
I have been making jigs and tooling up for building acoustic guitars , Warren will hopefully visiting me this weekend. I have just recently finished one of my first guitars ( completely at home)and finally working on a archtop that I wanted to build. I have a facebook page Willy Webbs Wonderfull Woodworks which I ocationally post pics of my builds.

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